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The kitchen is the hub of any home. Whether you like to entertain, have 3 sets of dishes you need to make space for, or you’re simply wanting to have a warmer environment for your family to enjoy day in and day out, our team has what it takes to bring your vision to life. Whether you are hoping to simply refresh and update the look of your home, adding better functionality to the space, or completely overhauling your entire main floor, we have the skills and professional know-how to bring it all together. Here’s what you can typically expect from us upon initial meeting:


Initial Discussion

Whether our initial introduction happens by way of personal referral (which we LOVE!), through one of our referral web links such as HomeStars, Houzz, or Google, or stop by our showroom, we will seek to set up a meeting to discuss your initial thoughts and objectives for your project. During this meeting we discuss details in a very broad manner. Do you need to tear down walls to make room for additional cabinetry? Are you just wanting to replace your existing layout with new cabinets? We seek to get to know you a little bit and understand what it is you’re hoping to change so we have a clear idea of your scope of work and renovation objectives.

In-Home Consult

If your initial consult does not happen to take place in your home, we will then need to come and see your space for ourselves and take some initial measurements. This is where we encourage people to point out all the details about their kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or other space in their home that they DO NOT currently like and want to change. Is it just a new colour palate you’re seeking? Or do you want MORE space, MORE functionality, and MORE storage? Whatever the case, we will use this meeting as a chance to see first-hand what is possible within your space, take detailed measurements and begin translating your needs into your design.


Now is where the fun begins! This is the time for us to take all the information we’ve gathered from you and start putting pen to paper (or rather, putting virtual images into our design program that will show you just how amazing we can make your space!). This process is one that typically is not completed in one attempt. We don’t just want you to be happy with your new space, we want you to LOVE it and every detail within it. We collect a small deposit to start this process, but don’t worry, this fee is 100% deducted from the cost of your project once we commence!

Budget Development

The budget for your project will vary and depend heavily on the type of finishes you select and how simple or complicated your project is. Your budget will be broken down based on the various elements of your project (i.e. demolition and removal, plumbing, electrical, structural, and drywall to name a few) which will be dependent on the existing location and the future state layout.

While we can accurately determine the cost for items such as cabinetry, countertops, and appliance installation based on layout and selections, some elements of the renovation cannot be as precisely planned for as we cannot possibly know what is behind a wall until we open it up. What we promise our customers is that we estimate for an overall budget and we attempt to adhere to it as closely as possible. We work with you to determine what is a MUST HAVE and where money can be saved to help create more wiggle room in your overall budget.

Installation and Finishing

We understand there are numerous companies that offer renovation services, but the finer details are what separate a good result from a great result. Whether it is the placement of electrical switches and lighting, the precision of your trim and basement or placement of handles, the details matter in the end.

Our team of qualified trades are detail oriented and focused on ensuring quality results. We take a holistic approach to your job to ensure you get the best quality products, expertise, and overall finishes on your job.

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