Why Renovating During the Winter is More Advantageous Than You Might Think

Why Renovating During the Winter is More Advantageous Than You Might Think

Many homeowners avoid doing kitchen and bath renovations in the winter months because they believe conditions like extreme cold and snow will slow their progress, but this couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases.  While snow certainly isn’t ideal for renovations, it can be easily cleared away to work around unlike rain which can often bring work to a complete stop.  Here are our top reasons to renovate in the winter:
1. Availability of Resources
Planning to start a kitchen or bathroom renovation after the holiday season can be ideal time, as it is typically a quieter time of year for most contractors and suppliers. This often means greater flexibility with the project timeline, which may not be possible during the summer months.

2. Promotions and Sales
Another reason to plan your renovation There are often pricing promotions and purchase incentives in the late fall and early winter, which could end up making a solid impact on your overall renovation budget.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Week and Year-End Clearance sales can help to lower the overall purchase cost of new kitchen appliances, flooring, or furniture.

3. Save Energy
For larger scale projects, some families choose to move out of their home for the duration of the renovation.  Heating specifically is one of the biggest consumptions of energy so by leaving to stay with family or friends for a few weeks while some of the biggest disruptions are underway (that you now conveniently don’t have to live through) there’s a simultaneous opportunity to cut costs by reducing the temperature while work is being completed.
4. Faster Permits
Acquiring permits for your renovation can be a hassle, however, because winter is a slower time fewer projects are submitted. As a result, you can anticipate a shorter wait time for permits to be reviewed and approved.

5. Be Ready for a Spring Sale
If you’re doing renovations with the intent of selling your home for top dollar, a winter renovation is ideal to meet the spring real estate market with a fresh palate.  This will also likely allow for ease with arranging an inspection as you’ll be able to secure an appointment early in the season before the rush when availability can become limited.  Having brand new updates and renovations is always a strong selling point and by having these projects completed early in the season, your home will be able to hit the market at the ideal time when buyers are starting to put their feelers out.
If you are contemplating renovating your kitchen or bathroom, please feel free to reach out to our team – we’re here to help make your renovation planning easier.