It's not JUST a kitchen!

It's not JUST a kitchen!

Long gone are the days of June Cleaver alone in her quaint kitchen creating masterpiece meals.  In todays world, the kitchen is the hub of the home and sees much more then breakfast, lunch and dinner being served around the table.  Over time, Kitchen’s have evolved to meet the needs of bustling modern families. With the trend of open concept layouts in most newer homes, the kitchen is the pinnacle.  It has become a home office, homework station, daycare centre, art studio and much more.

Here are 3 key benefits a well-designed kitchen or main floor space can offer you:

1. A Multi-Purpose Space

The development of the work from home movement has many people equipped to work anywhere that has power and access to internet. The kitchen often becomes a go to space to work due to great lighting, lots of counter space to spread out on and the added benefit of quick access to refreshments or snacks.  There are many things to consider if you want to boost your productivity while in this space.

2. Adding Storage and Functionality

When designing your kitchen to be used as a part time office or workspace you will want to keep in mind a space for essential office supplies, locations of power supplies to ensure connectivity and seating that keeps the sun behind your screen.  Some families even plan for a specified workstation in their kitchen, which can be hidden away in a moments notice. School aged kids also used the kitchen to complete homework assignments and school projects. 

3. More Room for Work and Play

Kitchen islands offer the affordability of vast open space with 360-degree access to their creations.  Little ones are often found engaging in art, science or cooking activities in the kitchen with grown ups. No matter what purpose, it is easy to customize your space so that it can functionally operate with multiple goals in mind.

It’s important to thoroughly assess your personal needs when designing your dream kitchen or main floor space to ensure it exceeds your expectations.  Contact us to learn more about how we can best service you.