Why Choose Custom Cabinetry

Why Choose Custom Cabinetry

You wouldn’t choose “one size fits all” jeans, so why would you choose to go this route when it comes to your cabinetry? Since every family is unique in size with different needs and personal interests no two homes are identical. Custom cabinetry allows you to configure each room or space in your home to specifically suit your family’s individuality and personal needs.

Here's the top 3 reasons to consider custom cabinetry for your home:

1. Maximize Useable Space
If there is one thing every home could use more of, it’s usable space. With the ability to be built in 1/8” increments, custom cabinetry allows you to capitalize on every inch of available space. Custom cabinetry can be designed and built to fit in any room or space in your home.

2. Quality Construction
We all know the saying, “You get what you pay for”. The same goes for cabinetry. Whether you are looking for a custom wine rack, built-ins around your TV, or pantry storage for kitchen gadgets, custom cabinetry can be built to suit each space. Canadian-made custom cabinetry is built and assembled by skilled craftsmen using locally sourced materials.

3. Custom Finishes
Custom cabinetry gives you the ability to select specific materials and finishes to suit your home and personal taste. Whether you’re looking for chic and modern, classic or vintage, you can tailor your kitchen, bathroom or built-in cabinets to your personal tastes. From natural stained wood to high-gloss finishes, the possibilities are endless.

With our team of high-trained staff, Edge Kitchens will make certain that your custom cabinetry is installed correctly-the first time. Contact us to learn more about how we can best service you!