Natural Wood – Which one is Right for YOUR Kitchen?

Natural Wood – Which one is Right for YOUR Kitchen?

Wood is an extremely versatile and beautiful material that can add depth and interest in any space. But with a vast array of colour, style and even surface options, it can be difficult to decide what to use and where.  At Edge Kitchens, we pair you with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers, in the industry and country. That said, there’s more to consider in the selection process than esthetics alone.

1. Maple
Maple is known for its hardness, durability, fine texture, and smooth, uniform grain.  This wood is naturally pale, and in some cases, even somewhat of a creamy white.  Maple takes to stain very well and is available in large variety of finishes. Maple has a natural curling of the grain and the occasional “bird’s eye dot” creating subtle texture that’s beautiful in any space.

2. Black Walnut
Walnut is another hardwood that has a beautiful, rich brown colour.  It can vary in tone from light with just a hint of brown, to deep dark chocolate tones and can often contain hints of variation from greys to reds to purples.  Walnut cabinets are stunning if your space is large enough to balance the richness of the wood; however, walnut is by far one of the most expensive wood materials so be prepared for the added load to your overall budget. 

3. Oak
Oak is incredibly beautiful wood. Oak creates intrigue as its grain and texture can drastically change depending on the type of stain or finishing treatment is applied to the wood.  Additionally, the location in which the wood is sourced can affect its appearance and price; European oak is typically processed regionally (usually a 30-70km radius) which tends to provide more consistent colour as the nutrients in the soil in a smaller, more centralized area will vary much less.  American oak by contrast is often sourced from all over the continent so there is much more variation in colour and grain as the trees are grown in varying environmental conditions. 
4. Cherry 
Cherry wood cabinets are a go-to for traditionalists.  Though it’s technically not hardwood, cherry is durable and long lasting.  Cherry wood is known for it’s naturally rich and luxurious dark and varying colour palate ranging from pale yellow to deep red.  Cherry wood is a great option for both cabinetry and flooring for those who like the contrasting colours and overall warmth.
5. Birch
Birch wood is uniform in appearance and its grain is less distinct than many of its counterparts making it easily receptive to all types of stain.  This wood is non-porous and can also be painted or paired with decorative treatments easily and is also durable enough to hold nails and other building materials well making it ideal for both constructive purposes and esthetic surfaces.
If you have any questions about your kitchen, bathroom, or home renovation project, please feel free to reach out to our team – we’re here to help you create your dream space.