Common Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

Common Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

Whether your upcoming renovation plans are strictly for your own enjoyment and functionality, or you’re wanting to beef up your home’s value to sell it for top dollar here are some of the current trends over the past couple years in kitchen and bathroom remodelling:

1. Two-tone Cabinetry 

Many clients are eager to jump on this trend as it’s a way to subtly incorporate a wider colour palate into their space while keeping the backdrop simple and elegant.  Light upper cabinets with one to two shades darker on the lowers or large contrasting colour islands are both very popular requests, as are contrasting range hoods or corner cabinets as a focal point in the room.
2. Colour Trends

The white shaker cabinet remains our most popular request as it’s bright and inviting, simple and an easy backdrop for literally any colour combination that flows through the rest of the home.  Not everyone is so simple however and colour can make a very bold statement; shades of blue including indigo, periwinkle and cobalt are adding life and starting a whole new trend in the world of cabinetry.  Grey is also here to stay being the second most requested cabinetry colour, as are warmer shades of natural wood such as walnut which is being requested in many more modern styled kitchens.
3. Cabinet Door Styles 

Whether you are selecting a man-made product such as quartz or a natural stone such as granite or soapstone, the cost for these materials can vary from one slab to the next.  This is because some mined stones are rarer than others, and some materials are more complicated to fabricate.  Your counters are one of the most important features in your kitchen, so it deserves a healthy portion of your budget. 
4. Nova Gloss and Textured Finishes 

Make it shine! Nova gloss finishes are becoming popular among families that prefer a minimalistic approach, but still want big impact style. Textured faux wood is also a great way to bring warmth into the space, while remaining more budget friendly and durable than some of their solid-wood natural counterparts.
5. Unexpected Surprises 

Ceiling height cabinetry extends and elongates even the smallest spaces and oversized islands can add seating and bonus storage which takes advantage of every square inch of your home offering you maximum functionality.

6. Hands Off Approach

For some less truly is more; those wanting the sleekest and most modern of minimalist approaches are opting for “hands free cabinets”.  Hidden handles, touch release doors, monochromatic or invisible hardware are increasingly popular and keep your space super clean and uniform looking.
If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation, it’s important that you know all the details to ensure a successful project. We’re here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have before getting started!