Current Kitchen & Bath Trends in 2020

Current Kitchen & Bath Trends in 2020

1. Sleek, Clean Lines and a Minimalistic Approach

One thing that is clear of late; clients want to get organized and keep their countertops clutter-free. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” as the proverbial saying goes. In the interest of making life easier and clean-up simpler, consider adding a walk-in pantry, multiple banks of drawers, or pull out caddy’s to keep things tidy.

2. Two-tone Cabinetry

The white shaker cabinet remains one of our most popular requests. The simplicity and timeless nature of these cabinets is seen time and again over the years; but now, the trend is to incorporate accents through colour. Whether it’s light or white cabinets on the wall with a darker island, or white uppers and dark lower cabinets or a combination thereof, clients are able to further customize the look of their home and express their individual sense of style without blowing their budget.

3. Large Islands and Dual Islands

Gone are the days of needing (or wanting) that formal dining room. Social trends have changed drastically since the 1950’s and homeowners are preferring to blow out walls on their main floor to create large, unified, open-concept spaces with multi-functional fixtures rather than furnishing multiple separate spaces. Islands are a great way to increase your working counter space and add storage as well as seating. Where space permits, incorporating dual islands can increase functionality and potentially eliminate the need for a dining table altogether.

4. Unique Hardware

Another way to add increased depth, texture and colour is through the selection of more specialized hardware. Large black handles on white cabinets, rose gold, chunky pieces, and even crystals are becoming increasingly popular. Your hardware is essentially the finishing touch on your space and going for something non-traditional can have a big impact creating interest much like artwork can in your home.

5. Sometimes Less is More

Feature walls using tiles or stone, shelves instead of upper cabinets, unique woodwork like carvings and board and baton style overlays are some of the ways in which homeowners are adding another layer of depth and intrigue to their space without making the space appear crowded.